granny flatDual occupancy is sometimes used to refer to the development of two dwellings on one allotment of land. They may be either attached (semi-detached) or detached. The term is common in Australia. Colloquially, these are most commonly known as a ‘granny flat’ in Australia.

A grannyflatsmelbourneprice Dual Occupancy in Victoria,Australia is a means to add value to property through a subdivision of one lot into two. It is that subdivision that makes dual occupancy an attractive proposition for new property investors and developers.

A mother-in-law house is a form of guest accommodation that may be either completely detached (a guesthouse) or attached to a primary residence. An grannyflatsmelbourneprice attached mother-in-law house (“granny annexe” in British English) often involves some spaces shared in common with an attached primary dwelling. It may, for instance, have a separate bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, while sharing a living room and laundry facilities.

Mother-in-law houses are sometimes abbreviated as MIL in internet or {flood }newspaper listings.

Mother-in-law apartment

A mother-in-law apartment is a small apartment accessory to a primary residence. Alternative names for grannyflatsmelbourneprice include “granny flat“, “granny suite“,”in-law suite“, and “accessory apartment“, the first being used primarily in Australia, Britain, Ireland and New Zealand, where it is the most familiar of these terms, but also in parts of the United States. Such apartments are frequently used to accommodate an elderly relative who is incapable of independent living, but is not ready for a nursing home environment or other similar facility.

The grannyflatsmelbourneprice apartment may or may not have a communicating door to the main house, but virtually always has a separate entrance and is usually not part of the original design. Many are located above the garage of the main house or as a separate building in the rear lawn.

Relationship to main residence

A secondary suite is considered “secondary” or “accessory” to the primary residence on the parcel. It normally has its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom and living area. Such a suite often is one of the following types:

  • A suite above a rear detached garage (a “garage apartment”),
  • A suite above the main floor of a single-detached dwelling,
  • A suite below the main floor of a single-detached dwelling (a “basement suite”).
  • A suite attached to a single-detached dwelling at grade, or
  • A suite detached from the principal dwelling (a “garden suite” or “guesthouse”).

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